What to See in Alabama at Blount County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Alabama at Blount County - Tourist Attractions

When you’re planning your next vacation to Blount County, Alabama, you’ll want to make sure you check out the tourist attractions. You’ll find everything from state parks to antique shops. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here! In fact, there are many things to see in this beautiful region. Here are a few things you should do during your stay.

First, check out the Easley Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Blount County. This county has more historic covered bridges than any other Alabama county, including the Nectar Covered Bridge. There are also multiple stages for live music. You can also check out the many arts and crafts vendors. And if you’re looking for something more active, try taking a hike at the Nectar Covered Arch.

In Blount County, you can also play golf. The Heritage Golf Experience has a picturesque valley setting. It is one of three old covered bridges in Alabama. The 81-hole, par-71 course is home to numerous creeks, including one that’s only second owner. You can also get married at the Twin Oaks clubhouse. This venue is a great option for a wedding, and has a beautiful, spacious clubhouse.

Aside from the covered bridges, Blount County is also home to other historic sites. For example, Rickwood Caverns State Park is one of Blount County’s covered bridges. And if you’re looking for something to do with your kids, try Mardis Mills Falls, one of three old covered bridges in the county. There’s plenty to do in Blount County, and you’ll leave with a full heart.

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The Blount County area is full of history, culture, and adventure. It is the “Covered Bridge Capital” and is home to three historic covered bridges. The Brice/Clanton House is the only second owner of the house, but the beautiful scenery will give you goosebumps. It is also home to the North Alabama Waterfall Trail, which is another tourist attraction.

The county is home to three great depression-era covered bridges, including the Easley Bridge. The Swann Bridge and the Horton Mill Bridge are both on the National Register of Historic Places, making Blount County the Covered-Bridge Capital of the South. You can visit all three of these sites while on vacation. You can even take a scenic driving tour through the town to enjoy the natural beauty.

Visitors to Blount County should be aware of three great depression-era covered bridges. The Easley Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Swann Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Place. The Horton Mill Bridge is a beautiful depression-era bridge, and the Easley and Swann are on the National Registry of Historic Places. These three covered-bridges can be found in many towns in Blount County, and are definitely worth seeing during your visit.

The Blount County Recreation Area is a wonderful place for hiking and biking. In addition to its beautiful natural surroundings, the Blountsville Historical Park is a great place to see a covered bridge. The historic structures are beautiful and deserve to be seen. The area is not far from Birmingham, so you’ll never have trouble finding something to do in the county. The area has a lot to offer.

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The county is home to more than three dozen historic covered bridges, which is the highest number of any county in Alabama. It’s also home to a historic agritourism center, with a museum showcasing the region’s most notable settlers and other important landmarks. This site is a major tourist attraction in Blountville, and it is worth your time to check out the local museums.

The Blount County Quilters Guild hosts a quilt show every year. The Three Covered Bridges of Blount, Alabama are 95 feet long. The Oneonta Covered Bridge dates back to 1933, making it the oldest covered bridge in the state of Alabama. The state park also has enormous cave formations. These are among the top tourist attractions in the county.