What to See in Alabama at Jackson County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Alabama at Jackson County - Tourist Attractions

If you’re planning a vacation to the northeastern part of the state, consider going to Jackson County. The population of the area is 52,579 (as of the 2020 census). The county was named after Andrew J. “Jack” H. Jackson, a general in the United States Army and the seventh president of the United States. The local tourism industry is booming and the city offers visitors a variety of attractions.

The first thing to see in Jackson County is the original state capitol. Built in 1839, the building is now a museum. The Greek Revival structure is stunning from any angle. Another popular destination for Jackson visitors is the Lakeside Cabins. You can rent boats to enjoy the water, or grab a tasty barbecue at the park’s friendly restaurant. You can also check out the Alabama State Fairgrounds.

Another popular attraction is the Jackson County Courthouse. This two-story neoclassical building is located in the town square and replaced the Sauta Cave courthouse. It is now the site of county and city businesses, but it’s not a tourist attraction. It’s more of a historic building than a quaint little diner, and you’ll have to visit to see its amazing interior.

While visiting the area, you can explore the local history and culture at the Payne’s Diner. This historic restaurant was opened in 1869 and remodelled in 1950. Today, it’s home to the African American Hall of Fame. This diner was established by a black man in the state of Mississippi. There are several other interesting places to explore in Jackson County. The history, nature, and architecture of the area make it a must-see destination for tourists.

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Visitors to the state capitol in Jackson can tour the 1839 original capitol building. The Greek Revival building was renovated in the 1950s and is open for tours. In addition to the historical buildings, the Jackson area is also home to several unique museums. The local “haunted” attractions will be sure to draw attention to your travels. The only thing to miss in this area is the beautiful weather.

The Jackson County courthouse is a two-story neoclassical building located in the town square. It replaced a previous courthouse that had been used for many years. The neoclassical courthouse is the official location of all the city and county businesses. Although it is not a tourist attraction, it is well worth visiting. This historical building in Jackson is an important part of the county’s history.

The town square is home to the state capitol. The original capitol was built in 1839 and is now a museum. There are guided tours of the Greek Revival building. The active capitol building was completed in 1903. It has a dome roof and a gold leafed eagle. Its historical landmark status makes it a must-see in the region.

The Jackson County park is a great place to go fishing, or you can take your family for a picnic. There are many things to do in this community. For example, the first capitol building was built in 1839 and is now a museum. It features a 15-foot eagle carved out of gold. The active capitol is home to a public gallery, which is open during legislative sessions.

You can visit the state capitol in Jackson. This city is the home of the original state capitol, which was built in 1839. The Greek Revival building is now a museum. Its active capitol, completed in 1903, features a 180-foot dome and a 15-foot eagle carved in gold. The public gallery is available throughout the legislative session.

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