What to See in Alabama at Lowndes County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Alabama at Lowndes County - Tourist Attractions

If you are looking for a unique vacation destination, consider visiting Lowndes County, Alabama. This central Alabama county has a population of 10,311 as of the 2020 census. The county was named for William T. “Bill” Lowndes, a member of the United States Congress from South Carolina. It is full of historical significance and is the perfect place to relax after a long day of shopping, hiking, and visiting local attractions.

In addition to the historic architecture and natural beauty, you can visit the Calico Fort Outdoor Show, which is situated on six acres and features the best arts and crafts fair in the South. Another attraction in Lowndes County is the Viola Liuzzo Memorial, a sculpture dedicated to the late singer and her husband. Located next to US Highway 80, the memorial is a must-see for locals and visitors alike.

If you are a history buff, you’ll want to see the Ave Maria Grotto, which is located in Cullman. It is a four-acre park that showcases carved-out figures that have been arranged in a series of different themes. Located in the northwest corner of the state, this is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alabama. It is a quaint house designed for middle-class families and has a history of racial discrimination.

Regardless of your preference, there’s plenty to see and do in Lowndes County. The city is also home to the Calico Fort Outdoor Show, which is one of the largest arts and crafts fairs in the South. There’s also the Jonathan Daniel Pilgrimage and the Viola Myrick Daniels Monument, which were both completed in the year of his death.

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The city of Lowndes County is home to the famous SNCC church. The SNCC was a political organization that helped organize Black voters during the Civil Rights Movement. Located off of US Highway 80, East, the church is adjacent to the Viola Liuzzo Memorial statue. Aside from these, the town is also home to a number of other tourist attractions, such as the acclaimed St. Bernard Abbey.

Visiting Lowndes County is a great way to explore Alabama’s rich history. The county is home to the infamous Lowndes AME Zion Church, which is famous for holding meetings during the Civil Rights Movement. The historic church is located on US Highway 80, East in Lowndesboro. Its monument is situated across the road from the Viola Liuzzo memorial.

Lowndes County is home to several notable tourist attractions. The Lowndes AME Zion Church is a historic landmark in Lowndes County. This historic church is famous for holding large civil rights meetings and is located near the Viola Liuzzo Memorial. A trip to this small town will give you a chance to learn more about its history and heritage. In fact, it has several other historical sites and museums worth seeing.

The county is home to many historic sites, including the famous Lowndes Fort. There are also a few museums and other attractions to see and enjoy. During the Civil Rights Weekend, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and events in the historic district, such as the Jonathan Daniel Pilgrimage. There are also numerous other historical sites in the area, including a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

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In Lowndes County, you can visit the historic Calico Fort and take in the city’s colorful architecture. In addition, you can view the Alabama state capitol and a state prison. The jail is located on the site of the original Tent City, where sharecroppers were harassed to register for the ballot. It is located right next to US Highway 80 and is a great place for families to stay while in town.