What to see in Arkansas at Desha County – Tourist Attractions

What to see in Arkansas at Desha County - Tourist Attractions

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful state of Arkansas, you may be wondering what to see in Desha County. The county is located in southeast of the state, bordering the Mississippi River on its eastern side. According to the 2010 census, the population was 13,008, making it the 56th-most populous of the state’s 75 counties. Regardless of your interest in history or natural beauty, there’s something for you here.

Visitors to the Desha County Museum will be surprised by the local history and culture. The county was formed in 1851 and is home to several natural attractions. Despite its small size, the Desha River carries a deep history. Its biggest tragedy was the spring 1927 flood, which flooded nearly 478,000 acres. The residents were forced to leave the area to settle in hill counties or live in boxcars on the levee. The following decades saw further hardship and poverty as the Drought of 1930-31 swept the area and the Great Depression. At one time, unemployment was more than thirty percent, causing Desha County to suffer the most during the period.

A visit to the Desha County Museum in Dumas will provide you with a taste of the county’s rich history. It is a cold climate and warm weather destination. The sunrise and sunset times are 12:50 AM and 11:51 PM respectively. At this time of the year, winds are at eleven miles per hour, visibility is twenty percent, and the UV index is six.

The historical history of Desha County is rich and varied. The county’s name was derived from the town of Dumas, which was founded in 1813. Its greatest tragedy came in 1927, when the flood flooded 478,000 acres. The residents were displaced, forced to live in tent cities or on levees, and many stayed until the disaster passed. The county suffered from the Drought of 1930-31, when the area was over thirty percent unemployed.

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The Desha County Museum is a great place to explore the area’s history. Whether you’re looking for family history, you can enjoy a variety of activities. The museum also has an extensive library that teaches you about the area’s history. And, if you’re looking for a unique adventure, there’s no better place to visit than the historic buildings and attractions in the county.

There are a number of places to see in Desha County. If you’re looking for a historic landmark, check out the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, which shows how counties have changed over time. There are a number of attractions in the area, from museums to historic sites to antique shops. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, visit the Arkansas Museum.

The history of Desha County is a fascinating experience. The town’s history is rich with stories of its past. The county is known for its many antique stores, as well as its history museum. The area also has a rich cultural heritage. The area is also home to a number of historic museums. In addition to a unique collection of historical items, visitors can explore the region’s past.

If you’re looking for a culturally rich region, visit Desha County – Tourist Attractions in Desha County. The museum is a popular place to learn about local history. There’s a large number of places to see, including a historic building, a zoo, and a cemetery. The city is also home to a unique population of wildlife.

The area’s most significant historical events were the Great Depression and a flood in 1927. The Desha County region was devastated and residents were forced to flee to neighboring hill counties and live in tent cities or boxcars. The flood also affected the town’s economy. The population of Desha County was up to 37,000 people at the time. While the population of the county is still low, the area has seen a lot of development.

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