What to See in Arkansas at Lawrence County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Arkansas at Lawrence County - Tourist Attractions

If you are looking for something to do in the state of Arkansas, you should consider visiting Lawrence County. This Arkansas county has an average population of 17415 people and is home to many unique tourist attractions. The county seat is Walnut Ridge, and was formed in 1815. The county was named for Captain James L. Lawrence, who helped found the city of Little Rock. The state’s first post office opened in Walnut Ridge in 1790.

To get a taste of the history and culture of the area, take a stroll down historic Main Street. The Old Stone Mill district is home to the oldest brick buildings in the country. Visiting the town’s oldest barbershop is an excellent way to learn about the region’s history and culture. The historic Sanitary Barbershop was founded in the 1880s and has 130 years of barbering history.

The Pocahontas National Historic District is home to the state’s only quilt trail. This 1.3-mile walking path showcases 60 unique quilts made by local residents. The quilt trail includes paintings of single squares, but in Lawrence County, there are full-sized pictures of the quilts. Each piece of the trail is mounted on vinyl material and can be accessed at any time. The walking tour provides a visual history lesson about the history of the area.

The Beatles are another famous attraction in the town. At the Beatles Park, you can visit a replica of the Oval Office and view a sculpture of the famous rock band. The sculpture is located at 110 Southwest 2nd Street. You can also stop by the Oval Office at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. The park is only 15 miles from downtown Little Rock and Davidsonville.

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The town of Pocahontas is home to the only quilt trail in the state. This trail is made up of 60 locally made quilts that are displayed on a vinyl material. The exhibits are mounted on large rocks and can be viewed from any part of the town. Using the vinyl material, visitors can pick and choose the quilt trail from any point on the historic district. This gives them a walking tour of the historical district.

The Pocahontas National Historic District has a quilt trail that features 60 locally made quilts. While most quilt trails have paintings of single squares, the trail in Pocahontas is the only quilt trail in the state with full-size images. The images are mounted on vinyl material and can be seen from different angles. There are some businesses in the area that may be closed temporarily due to safety issues.

The historic area of Powhatan is home to the Powhatan State Park, which is unique in the state because it preserves several historic buildings. The statues of the famous band members are located in the museum, along with other pieces of artwork. The monuments in Walnut Ridge are located just outside the city limits, so it is possible to explore both cities while staying in the same area.

The Powhatan state park is one of the oldest in the state. It is unique in that it retains its historic buildings and is home to the historical society’s archive. The county’s courthouse is open to the public, and interpretive tours are available for the public. Several other attractions in the area include a small-town town jail and a replica of the Oval Office.

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The famous Blue Pool is located on the west side of the county, which is home to the largest collection of Beatles sculptures in the world. The Blue Pool is a beautiful spot in the area, and it is easily accessible by car or foot from downtown. A half-mile walk from the city center, this scenic location is worth a visit. You can find a wide range of tourist attractions in the city, including the University of Arkansas at Pocahontas and the Crystal Bridges Museum.