What to see in Arkansas at Newton County – Tourist Attractions

What to see in Arkansas at Newton County - Tourist Attractions

Newton County is a small rural county in the state of Arkansas. Its county seat is Jasper. The county was established on December 14, 1842, and was named for Thomas W. Newton, an Arkansas Congressman. The state has been alcohol prohibition since 1937, and there are a few interesting things to see while you are there. Here are some of the most popular attractions in the area.

The Buffalo National River is one of the top attractions in Newton County. This 150-mile-long river is non-polluted and free flowing. You can see deer and bobcats while you enjoy the natural beauty of the river. The main point of the Buffalo National is located 15 miles above the park boundary, in Newton County. You can hike in the nearby mountains, or try your hand at rafting.

If you’re a nature lover, the Buffalo River corridor has plenty to offer. Here, you can view 450 elk roaming freely. In addition to the wildlife, you can explore historic landmarks and a variety of fun activities. You’ll even find a few wild animals at Marble Falls, which is a charming town in Newton County. You’ll be amazed by their size and personality.

If you have a sense of adventure, head to Mount Judea, where you can take a thrilling 600-foot zip line. This adventure will give you a million-dollar view of the surrounding countryside. For something more unique, head to Emma’s Museum of Junk, which has a wide range of vintage goods. If you want kitschy souvenirs, go to the Scenic Point Gift Shop on Mt. Judea.

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For those who are adventurous, the Buffalo National River is a must-see. The river is home to 450 elk and many other wildlife, making this area the “Elk Capital of the State.” You will want to take a hike to get as close as possible, as well as take in the breathtaking views. The Buffalo River corridor is located in the northeast corner of the state of Arkansas.

The Buffalo River is the world’s largest river. The river itself is home to several species of animals, including 450 elk. In fact, this area is the “Elk Capital” of the state, and the buffalo are a popular attraction in Newton. While you’re here, you should make sure you check out the historic sites of the county. A good place to start is the town of Boxley Valley.

Besides the buffalo river, you’ll find several other tourist attractions in Newton County. The city is home to 450 elk, and the Buffalo River is known as the “Elk Capital” of the state. The elk are the primary attraction of the county, and the elk in particular are quite beautiful and colorful. It’s not just the buffalo and elk that make Newton County the “Elk Capital” of the state, but also the place where elks are most common.

The Buffalo River is a major attraction in Newton County. You can see elk in the surrounding area. The Buffalo River is a natural corridor and a large number of elk live in the area. This area is home to the elk in the state, and its elk are the reason that the county is known as the “Elk Capital of Arkansas.”

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The Buffalo River valley is home to 450 elk. The elk population in the area is estimated at four to five thousand. Bikes, Blues & BBQ is another great attraction in the area. With a trail that spans nearly five miles, it’s possible to see elk in their natural habitat. You can also take part in a picnic and a trip to the elk festival in the Ozarks.