What to See in Arkansas at Craighead County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Craighead County - Tourist Attractions

If you’re traveling to Arkansas, you’ll want to check out Craighead County. This county has two county seats and a population of 111,231. The county was created on February 19, 1859 and was named for state senator Thomas Craighead. It is a good place to spend a day if you’re in the area. There are many things to see in Craighead County.

For history buffs, the Skirmish at Jonesboro is worth a visit. This Civil War battle site is preserved and managed by a local trust. The town was a staunch Confederate and the northern and southern troops often passed through on their way to battles. This historic site is a must-see for any visitor to this area. If you’re looking for a fun day trip, you can take advantage of the scenic route in the region.

Visitors can experience a floater’s paradise along the Buffalo River. The buffalo river is one of the first rivers to be protected by the federal government. It’s lined with bluffs and is perfect for rafting. Another floater’s paradise is the White, which snakes across north-central Arkansas, southern Missouri and back to the Mississippi Delta region.

The historic Battlefield of Jonesboro is a must-see. It is a Civil War site that is maintained by a trust and preserves the history of the area. During the Civil War, the area aligned with the Confederacy. Consequently, it was frequented by both northern and southern troops en route to battles. And visitors can also enjoy a scenic drive along the Mississippi River.

The area’s riverside is a picturesque region that has plenty to offer. The Buffalo River is a national park and is a floater’s paradise. The White River runs for 720 miles through the state from northern Arkansas into southern Missouri before joining the Mississippi in the Delta region. The two rivers meet in the state’s delta region. The buffalo river is one of the most popular rivers in the area.

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If you are visiting Craighead County, you’ll find several attractions. You can visit the Buffalo River, which was the first river to be declared a national park. The river is lined with beautiful bluffs, which make it a floater’s paradise. The White River is a natural wonder and a 720-mile stretch of it is the largest in the United States.

If you are looking for a great place to float, head to the Buffalo River. The river is a national monument and is a floater’s paradise. During the Civil War, the Buffalo River was named after Thomas Craighead, a state senator. In addition to the Buffalo River, there are several other national parks and wildlife refuges in the county.

If you are traveling in the state of Arkansas, you should be aware of its climate. The state has a temperate climate. The three largest areas are the Ozarks and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. These two regions also receive large amounts of rain and snow. However, the climate of Arkansas is very different from other parts of the country. You may experience droughts, floods, and tornadoes in the region.

If you are looking for a scenic park, the Buffalo River is a great place to go. This river is a floater’s paradise and features a fishing lake. The White River snakes through northern Arkansas, then heads into southern Missouri and back again. It meets the Mississippi in the Delta region. Those who enjoy the outdoors will find it to be an idyllic spot.

If you are a nature lover, you will love the Ouachita Mountains, which are the oldest mountains in North America. The ridge is weathered and smooth and features chert and novaculite, which were used by Native Americans to sharpen their weapons. It is home to the Arkansas State University. The city also has a few great museums. The Ouachita Mountains are located in the southeast part of the county, and they run from north to south.

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