What to See in Vermont at Franklin County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Vermont at Franklin County - Tourist Attractions

The county of Franklin County is located in the state of Vermont. It has a population of 49,946 and is home to the city of St. Albans, the county seat. The county is a part of the Burlington metropolitan area and has borders with the Canadian province of Quebec. The counties of Vermont were organized and created in 1792. This page offers information about Franklin County tourist attractions.

The quaint hamlets and charming villages are a wonderful place to spend a day. Each town has a history and pays tribute to its past while dreaming about the future. Whether you are looking to relax or explore the rich agricultural landscapes of the region, you will have a great time. If you’re looking for a family outing, make sure to visit the Franklin County museum.

The county has many tourist attractions. Visitors will find four 18-hole golf courses and a disc golf course in downtown Franklin. During the summer months, you can enjoy nature trails and mountain biking at Hard’ack Recreation Area. During the winter months, you can take advantage of the cross-country trails and ice skating on the frozen lakes. The Long Trail State Forest is a popular hiking destination and is the longest long-distance trail in the country.

If you are interested in the agricultural heritage of the area, you should visit the historic towns of Hazen’s Notch and Montgomery. The town is home to eight historic covered bridges and is near Jay Peak. In addition, there is a historic cemetery and an arts center that showcases local artists. While traveling through Franklin County, be sure to enjoy the sights and sounds that the region has to offer.

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The area is known for its maple syrup and dairy products. It is also home to one of the largest agricultural expositions in Vermont, the Franklin County Field Days. The maple industry is also an important part of the area’s culture and is a must-see for those who visit the region. It is not difficult to find attractions in this area if you know what to look for.

The county is the hub of maple syrup and dairy production in the state. It is also home to the Maple Festival, the state’s largest agricultural expo. In addition to these attractions, Franklin County is the perfect location for a vacation to Vermont. The Northwest corner of the state is a popular destination and has several U.S. and Canada border crossings. The quaint town of St. Albans is full of historical churches, a museum, and a movie theater.

The county is home to many attractions for tourists to enjoy. If you’re visiting from out of the state, be sure to include the county’s quaint downtown. You can view eight historic covered bridges in the town. You can also visit Jay Peak and Hazen’s Notch. If you want to see more of the country, the counties of Vermont are a great place to visit.

If you’re visiting Vermont for the first time, don’t miss the local attractions in Franklin County. The county is known for its dairy and maple products. It is also home to the state’s Maple Festival. Its northwest corner is also a popular destination for travelers. It is also home to several U.S. and Canada Border crossings. In the county, you can also visit St. Albans, where the quaint downtown and historic churches are located. It has a movie theater and a museum.

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There are many beautiful places to visit in Franklin County. The countryside is picturesque, and the towns and villages are a must-see. There are eight historic covered bridges in Montgomery, a town at the base of Jay Peak and Hazen’s Notch. Aside from these, there are many other tourist attractions in the area. If you’re looking for a good time, try the local foods.