What to See in Arkansas at Miller County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Arkansas at Miller County - Tourist Attractions

Miller County is a small, rural community located in the southwest corner of Arkansas. Its population was 43462 at the 2010 census. The county seat is Russellville. There are many things to do in Miller County, including camping, fishing, and exploring historical landmarks. For those who are curious, there are a few places to visit in the area. To get a feel for the community, check out our suggestions below.

Among the many attractions in Arkansas, the Buffalo River is a fun place to visit. This river is home to several scenic waterfalls in the Ozark National Forest. One such waterfall is Bowers Hollow Falls, which is 56 feet tall. You’ll want to avoid slipping on the wet, rocky base of the falls to get the full experience. Regardless of how you enjoy the outdoors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Miller County.

Another great attraction in Miller County is the Big River Crossing. This unique attraction has an impressive light display that goes on from sundown until 10pm. You can even hike along the 70-mile Big River Trail. There’s also a local mystery that is interesting to investigate – the Gurdon Light is a mysterious, 56-foot-high structure that appears near the end of a decommissioned railroad line.

While you’re in Miller County, don’t miss Tiny Town. This interactive model railroad town features trains that run through 22 states, a few states, and iconic US landmarks, such as Mount Rushmore and Niagara Falls. And if you’re a train fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this place – it’s a great place to spend the day with your family!

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The Buffalo River is a beautiful part of the region and offers many fun activities. A visit to the Sanitary Barbershop will let you explore the beautiful Ozark National Forest and its spectacular waterfalls. If you’re interested in a mystery, consider visiting the nearby village of Bowers Hollow Falls, which is the state’s oldest. A visit to the historic town of Millington isn’t complete without a trip to the famous landmark.

Visitors to Miller County should visit Tiny Town, where you can watch handcrafted miniature towns in the area. This handcrafted town is a great place for kids and adults to spend quality time together. While the region is rich in history, there are several things to do while visiting this rural area. Among the many fun attractions in the area include the Buffalo River. It’s also a picturesque place to visit for those looking for a picturesque setting.

The Big River Crossing is another popular attraction in this Arkansas region. A 70-mile river trail is perfect for hiking, and a magnificent light show at the end of the day will leave you breathless. During the summer, you can also take your family to the nearby Quigley’s Castle, a local mystery. This odd little house is built from timber and has twenty-eight huge windows.

Visitors to Miller County can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and a visit to the ruins of the 1800s Calico Rock settlement. There are many fun places to visit in AR, including the Rogue’s Manor Restaurant, which welcomes guests in formal and casual attire. The Arkansas Air and Military Museum is an educational destination that preserves and shares aviation memorabilia. The museum is a popular stop for children, with an emphasis on local history.

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If you have kids, consider visiting Tiny Town. This interactive model railroad town is a great place to take them. The interactive model trains travel through 22 states and pass by iconic US landmarks, including Mount Rushmore and the Niagara Falls. The entire process is automated, making it a fun and educational experience. You will love the views and the scenery of this region. If you have a chance to visit the park, you’ll be glad you did.