What to See in Arkansas at Mississippi County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Arkansas at Mississippi County - Tourist Attractions

When you are traveling to the state of Arkansas, you might be wondering: What to see in Mississippi County? The county has 46480 residents and two county seats. The county was formed on November 1, 1833 and was named for the river, the mighty Mississippi. While you’re here, you should consider taking a trip to the historical state capital, Little Rock. You might also want to visit the beautiful Ozark National Historical Park, which is located in the center of the county.

For outdoor enthusiasts, visit Crater of Diamonds State Park. This unique attraction features five decades of American art and a spectacular light show that occurs from sundown until 10 pm. During the summer months, check out the 70-mile-long trails along the Mississippi. One of the more bizarre attractions in the state is the mysterious Gurdon Light. Located at the end of a decommissioned railroad track, this mysterious structure beckons visitors.

For those interested in history, the Men’s Bathhouse offers a tour of its fascinating history and a unique opportunity to explore the opulence of its heyday. Founded in 1831, the Men’s Bathhouse was considered up and coming at its time. It was home to the first lady of the United States and President William J. Clinton. There are several tours available to learn about its history and how it came to be.

Among the many other places to visit in Arkansas, one of the most popular is the Thorncrown Chapel. This famous glass chapel was created by an Arkansas native Jim Reed. The walls of the building are floor-to-ceiling. The glass chapel also offers a 360-degree view of the Ozark Mountains. You may even catch a glimpse of the sun in the distance while gazing from the top.

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The OIO is a great place for family vacations. During the summer, you can visit the park’s many hiking trails and picnic areas, or you can visit the town’s water park. Another great option in Arkansas is the Quigley’s Castle. Built out of timber from the land, the building has 28 large windows. The oddest thing about this attraction is its history.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park is a popular place to visit. The park has a waterfall, a lake and picnic sites. The park is an ideal place for kids and families. The state’s other attractions are a lot of fun to explore. Its outdoor activities and scenic views will make you want to come back again. You can also explore the town by taking a bicycle or a car.

There are plenty of things to do in Arkansas. There are many museums and other attractions in the county, including Tiny Town. This model railroad town is interactive, and the trains pass through iconic US landmarks. You can ride the train or enjoy the sights of Mount Rushmore. The railway is fully automated, and the view is breathtaking. It is a popular place for children and families alike.

A visit to MONAH is a must for visitors to the area. The historic museum features exhibits from the 1500s to the present. The grounds are a wonderful place to see. In addition to the museum, you can take a stroll along the river. A short trip to the town’s beautiful parks can also be a fun and educational experience. The local scenery and attractions are sure to make your trip to the state of Arkansas unforgettable.

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The Big River Crossing is another unique attraction. The crater is a famous attraction in the state. There is a light show at night. The river is a great place to go hiking, and the area is beautiful. During your trip, make sure you visit the Gordon Light. It’s a mysterious attraction near a decommissioned railroad line. There are some fun activities to do during your stay in this region of the South.