What to See in Arkansas at Cleburne County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Cleburne County - Tourist Attractions

If you are planning a trip to Arkansas, you may be wondering what to see in Cleburne County. The county has a population of 25,970 people, and the county seat is Heber Springs. This county was the last to form out of all the counties in the state, and it was established on February 20, 1883. However, you can always visit this place in any season to get the best views of the area.

The beautiful scenery and natural wonders of Cleburne County are sure to please visitors. The town of Heber Springs is a popular destination for water enthusiasts. In addition to being the home of the famous Heber Springs mineral springs, the picturesque Little Red River is another attraction that draws travelers. The lake has become an Arkansas tourist attraction, and is even a popular water sports spot for locals.

Whether you are looking for outdoor activities, or just want to soak in the scenery, you will find plenty of things to do in Cleburne County. Those who love the outdoors will love Buffalo National River, America’s first national river. This 135-mile river is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, tubing, or swimming. It also has many hiking trails and camping areas. One of the eight Arkansas national parks, Buffalo is a great place for families with children.

Cleburne County was one of the last counties in the state to be formed, and it’s been a great tourist destination for Arkansas. Water sports are a popular draw here, and the Little Red River is a popular destination for boaters. There’s also a 40,000-acre reservoir, Greers Ferry Lake, which was formed with a hydropower dam in the early 1960s. The lake was the catalyst for tourism in the area, and now it’s an excellent place for water sports.

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Despite its rural history, Cleburne County is a tourist hotspot for people who love outdoor activities. The region’s beautiful scenery makes it a popular vacation spot, and there’s a lake on the Little Red River that is ideal for fishing. The country is also famous for its historic sites. For instance, it is home to a Confederate cemetery.

For history buffs, there’s a great deal of history to discover in Cleburne County. The county’s historical society operates out of a historic old post office. The museum features artifacts and exhibits related to the area. The post office mural, created in 1939, has been restored to its original appearance. In addition to the history of the area, the visitor center offers an informative tour of Greers Ferry Dam, which was built in the late 1920s. Among the museum’s highlights is a replica of a 40-pound brown trout, which once held a world record for a brown trout.

The county’s waterways are also great places to spend your vacation. The Little Red River and Greers Ferry Lake are two of the most popular places to swim in the area. The picturesque town of Heber Springs was formed in 1883, and the region soon became a tourist haven. Aside from the water, the county is also a hotspot for fishing.

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a treasure of Arkansas, and it is located on 120 acres of lush landscaping in Heber Springs. The museum offers world-renowned art and offers a Frank Lloyd Wright Bachman-Wilson house. If you want to take in the beautiful landscape of the mountains, you can explore Mount Magazine State Park. There are several activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Cleburne County.

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The Cleburne County Historical Society is a great place to see the history of this county. The museum is housed in an old post office and features artifacts and exhibits about the area. The historic building is now a museum with educational displays, and there is even a research library on the premises. The historical society of the county is a must-see, and you’ll enjoy the museum’s new expansion.