What to See in Montgomery County – Tourist Attractions

What to See in Montgomery County - Tourist Attractions

If you’re visiting Arkansas, you’ll want to know what to see in Montgomery County. This 45th-largest county has a population of 9,487. Its county seat is Mount Ida, and it’s the state’s 45th county. The county was named after Richard M. Montgomery, an attorney, politician, and farmer who helped establish the state’s first bank.

The Crater of Diamonds is a beautiful and unique state park that offers trails and picnic areas, as well as an awesome water park in the summer. One of the most unique attractions in Montgomery County is Quigley’s Castle, which has 28 massive windows and is considered one of the oddest buildings in the state. A tour of the castle is recommended. Visitors to the region will enjoy the eerie atmosphere, but will have a great time.

For those who love flowers, consider the Magnolia Tree. The stunning pink blossoms of this tree are found in a variety of varieties. In late summer, you can see clusters of fragrant white jasmine and daffodils, as well as a beautiful array of colors in the autumn. In the fall, you can visit the Magic Springs Museum and Gardens, which is home to many quaint attractions.

If you want to experience a live opera performance, this is the place to be. The Ozark Opera is held six days a week, and boasts world-class performances. The Ouachita Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful outdoor concert. You’ll also find frequent programming and summer camps for children. If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, you can visit the nearby Inspiration Point to check out the local arts scene.

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If you’re traveling to Montgomery County, make sure to include a visit to the Arkansas Air and Military Museum. This is a fascinating place to visit. You can explore the region’s rich history through the museum’s exhibits and artifacts. You can also visit the Buffalo River and explore the beautiful waterfalls of the Ozark National Forest. The 52-foot-high Bowers Hollow Falls is one of the most popular places in the area, and you can even hike up to its base. The trail to the base of the falls is paved, and the spray makes it difficult to walk on.

In Montgomery County, you can choose to visit a number of fun places. For example, you can go on a rafting adventure on the Buffalo River. This activity takes you through the scenic falls of the Ozark National Forest. While the river is picturesque and scenic, it is not only scenic. If you are looking for an adventure in the outdoors, you can take a boat ride on the water, or hike to a waterfall.

Another cool place to visit in Montgomery County is the Magic Springs Museum. It is a famous attraction that’s home to the Clintons, and it features a number of amusements and other fun activities. Its aquarium is one of the most beautiful places in the area, and its waterpark is a fun place to spend a day. Afterwards, you can take in the sights in the surrounding area.

The area’s beautiful landscapes are not the only reason to visit Montgomery County. Its beautiful nature and scenic hiking trails are also a great way to get to know the town. You can even check out the local historical landmarks. Among these places are the OIO and the Big River Crossing. This latter is an impressive destination that offers a spectacular view of the Big River.

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If you want to go hiking, you can explore the area’s natural beauty. A trip to the Arkansas Ozark National Forest is a wonderful experience. A hike along the buffalo river will give you the chance to view the majestic falls of the Ozark National Forest. Be sure to check out the Bowers Hollow Falls, which is 56 feet high. The rough terrain and water at the base of the waterfall make it a fun place to see.